Creative Podlasie Association is an initiative created from the energy of a group of active people from the Podlasie – a region in north-eastern Poland. 

Our cornerstone was an agreement of people working in various organizations and institutions.

What gathered us in this organization was the experience in the implementation of interdisciplinary projects and the desire for further work for our local and regional community.

Over time, our ideas and projects have evolved into specific actions in different areas. Their common goal is to animate the social activity – especially cultural, educational, sport and civic events – to develop the academia and inspire potential among the residents of Bialystok and Podlasie.

Our goals:

The elicitation of local activists, promotion of open attitudes, joint initiatives and the development of civil society – these are the main objectives of Creative Podlasie Association. The most important is the involvement of citizens in the affairs of their community. It serves the realization of joint constructive projects.

Our mission is to build the social environment and civic life in our region. We also want to see Bialystok as a dynamic academic center, teeming with creative student and academic life. Without the involvement of our local community, joint initiatives and cooperation across boundaries to implement this plan would not be possible.

We want the people of our region to know the opportunities offered them by democracy, including the richness of its local forms. We present the tools available to them through contact with local, regional and state authorities. The starting point is to change the mentality, to abandon the passive waiting and the claims attitude. Development and changes in the region are possible only with the active attitude, openness and civic engagement.

Our aim is to develop human resources that our city and region possesses. We want to become recognizable among Podlasie inhabitants – by what we have organized and are about to organize. Above all, we want our actions to inspire the activity of other people.

We promote positive initiatives. Our perspective is long-term. Our idea is not to organize individual events, but to provide inclusion of citizens in the life of their local communities. We want people to understand that they have the possibility of implementing their own passions, interests, and above all – that they are able to change the social reality, so that it corresponds to their desires, aspirations and preferences.


We activate our local communities, we show the people of Podlasie versatile opportunities, we initiate projects to revive the social reality, inspire creativity, learning engagement, reduce apathy and social callousness. We encourage, we promote and we assist in the implementation of interesting ideas that are aimed at the enrichment of social life, the revival of social activity and development of our region.